A Quick Look At Ducati’s First Electric Motorbike


World leaders in beautifully made bikes, Ducati, have released concepts for a new electric motorcycle. With global warming at the forefront of everything, leaders in the motorcycle industry are all beginning to design electric bikes to keep up with the times. Even Harley Davidson are joining in!

The bike resembles its popular Panigale Superbike

Now, what else could you expect from the Italian designers other than something that is aesthetically stunning to look at? They have indeed continued the tradition onto this new bike. Traditionally, electric bikes can look very futuristic and stick out in a crowd of “normal” bikes. However, the Ducati Elettrico has a striking resemblance to the very popular Panigale Superbike.


While technical details are yet to be released; the renderings suggest that the bike will have a single-sided swingarm with offset mono-shock, a mid-mounted motor, chain drive, inverted front fork and Brembo brakes – all standard on many of Ducati’s current bikes.

It is important to remember that Elettrico exists only in these renderings, and there is no guarantee that Ducati is working on a bike like this. But if you take their CEO at his word, then you might not be surprised to see a motorcycle that looks something like this in the next few years.

The concept of an electric motorbike is far from the conventional bikes of Ducati, but, looks wise the designer has kept with the trendy ideas that already exist within the brand.


The new Ducati will come with a gearbox

On close inspection, it seems as though Ducati will make the bike with a gearbox, as the renderings include a gear shifter. This may encourage some of the more traditional petrol heads to give the Elettrico ago, as they have not cut out the control that the rider has over the bike with a completely automatic transmission. I would steer clear of an automatic electric motorcycle, as it could be seen that the bike was doing all the work. However, there are many benefits if Ducati were to choose to make the motorcycle automatic, as this would open up the machine to riders that otherwise wouldn’t be able to ride the bike.

We hope that other manufacturers will follow carefully in the footsteps of Ducati and begin to make electric motorcycles that look similar to their already successful petrol relatives. This would create less of a divide in the motorcycle world and enable those that choose to ride electric bikes to blend in with the crowd should they decide to do so

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