New Underwater Motorbike Now On Sale

Underwater Motorcycle

For £13,000 you could be the proud owner of a new underwater motorcycle (yep you heard us right) that allows you to explore the seabed in your private submarine.

Underwater Motorcycle

The ‘SubSea Scooter’ is powered by an electric underwater motorcycle and allows owners to ride underwater for up to two-and-a-half hours at a time. It uses the same controls as a conventional motorcycle and brings a whole new world for bikers to adventure into. The rider of the machine sits in an upright position with their bubble helmet to supply oxygen.

The unique scooters are available as either single or double units – and the sellers claim they are ‘ideal for exploring coral reefs’.

Underwater Motorcycle

How fast can it go?

The scooter weighs 150kg and reaches a top speed of 3mph, the maximum depth advised is up to 12 metres. The bike also has a built-in airbag, enabling the rider to rise and fall as they wish with a change in air volume. This makes exploring the depths of the sea easier than it ever has been.

Underwater Motorcycle

How much will it cost?

A one-person scooter is available from UK firm Silvercrest Submarines for £12,860 ($16,300), while the two-person scooter will cost £17,660 ($14,000).

The scooter is ideal for yacht enthusiasts, divers, and tourist destination operatives, or anyone that fancies a trip into the ocean to explore.

The manufacturers say, ‘this scooter is ideally suited for couples to explore the underwater world in safety and comfort.  Each rider’s head goes inside an air chamber within the helmet, which is continuously supplied with air from scuba tanks lasting seventy minutes, which are attached to the front body of the scooter’.

What other features does it have?

The helmet features a flat fog resistant glass giving a clear underwater view. Each underwater motorcycle is powered by two electric motors, one for forwarding movement and another for vertical movement, providing precise control, manoeuvrability and safety.

Underwater Motorcycle Underwater Motorcycle

“The controls operate like your typical motorbike,” said the spokesperson. “Turn the handlebars for direction and push the batons for speed and depth. Pressure and depth gauges are provided on the control bar. With a maximum speed of three miles per hour and an operating depth of up to 12 meters, riders have access to shallow reefs and caves. Those who are not strong swimmers or who have minor disabilities can still ride the bike and can wear glasses or contact lenses without difficulty. No diving certification is needed; no experience is required. A line attached to a marker buoy keeps the scooter safely tethered to the world above.”

The new ‘motorcycle’ makes sea exploration accessible to everyone, bikers and drivers alike. We wonder how many bikers will venture underwater!

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