Swindon Bikers Prepare to take on Iron Butt Challenge

Iron Bum

A 1000 mile cross country journey would seem daunting in a car but two bikers from Swindon have decided that they will embark on the mission on their motorbikes in as little as 24 hours to complete the famous Iron Butt Challenge!

The challenge commences on the 21st of June

Peter Genet and business partner Stuart Gore will set off on their 1107 mile ride on the 21st June at 5 am as part of their Iron Butt Ride to raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund and Lights for Learning.

Peter said: “It’s a huge task and the longest journey I’ve ever done is only 600 miles, which was difficult enough, so this will be a real challenge.

“Our colleagues think it’s a fantastic idea and wish us good luck but also think we’re both nuts for doing it because the ride is apparently hardcore.

“Fatigue and tedium will be the biggest issue – the M5 and M6 are quite long and boring roads but they’re the only way for us to cover this many miles in such a short space of time, hopefully, we’ll keep each other in good spirits.

“We will take breaks every 100 miles to stretch our legs and refuel because the seats will get quite uncomfortable if we stay on them for more than two hours at a time.”

The pair will receive their saddle sore badges after completing the challenge

The Iron Butt Challenge will begin at Chiseldon services, then the pair will ride along the A303 to Exeter, round the south of Dartmoor to Land’s End before heading through the north of Dartmoor to continue up to Glasgow and, finally, John O’Groats.

Then, once the pair have had a good night’s sleep, they will ride all the way back to Swindon to see exactly how much money they have raised in their mission. They will also receive their saddle sore badge and certificate.

This isn’t the first time Peter has helped raise funds for charity

Peter joined the RAF Benevolent Fund’s ride-out group last month and intends to help them provide more financial support services to serving and former RAF personnel which include welfare breaks, grants to help with financial difficulty and getting about inside and outside the home, specialist advice on benefits and support with care needs, as well as support for young people through the Airplay programme.

Peter is also a trustee of Lights for Learning, to pay for solar panels for schools and hospitals in developing countries.

Peter added: “After I got involved in the RAF charity I thought it would be good to raise much-needed funds for it and my own charity while also being a good excuse to go out for a long ride and have fun on the bike – after all, why not give it a try and do two birds with one stone? We’ve decided to do it on the longest day so we’ll have as much daylight as possible. Luckily it’s all downhill from up north so we can just free-wheel back.”

Have you got an inspiring story to tell us? Get in contact! For more information on the Iron Butt Challenge, click here.

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