Motorcycling Adventurer Nick Sanders Awarded An MBE

Nick Sanders

Nick Sanders has been officially recognised for his services to endurance cycling and motorcycling by being added to the Queen’s birthday honours list with an MBE.

It’s safe to say that Nick Sanders’s antics have been an inspiration to the next generation of motorcyclists, giving them a new look at biking. He has covered over 1,000,000KMS in total, which is the same as circumnavigating the world at least 9 times! What an achievement!

“I never thought that this kind of thing happened to people like me,” says Nick. “I always thought that others deserve it more, like my own heroes. People like Joey Dunlop, Foggy and McGuinness. I’m really emotional about it.”

“At the very beginning, when I was very young, I wanted to be the best in the world at something. I just didn’t know what and spent the next 40 years trying to get there. It’s up to other people to decide if I’ve made it or not, it’s not something that I’ll ever really know.”

Nick went on to thank those who supported his journey

“This recognition says a big thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the years, all the fans I’ve got and of course my sponsors. One special thank you, I’d like to make is to Jeff Turner at Yamaha for the unbelievable emotional support he has always shown me.

“Support from Continental, Touratech and Squire also make it possible for me to do what I do and that in turn makes it possible for me to inspire other people to do it, too.

“Everyone knows that only the people at the top of bike sport get the money and the fame, but that’s not why they do it – they do it because they love it. That passion is the same as people who adventure. I’ve spent 20 years trying to lead the way with new ideas. Someone once said to me, whatever you do, don’t bore your audience – well, I’ll keep trying not to!”

When speaking to Nick, it is clear that he is overwhelmed by the support he has received and is keen to continue doing what he loves and inspiring future generations. I wish I had the time to follow in the footsteps of Nick, what a great way to spend your days!

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