Could you beat this 9-year-old at Motorcross?

9 year old Huckson

Brian has built a purpose-built track on his property to allow Huckson and his brother to train hard. Brian trains the boys on their lines, control and power usage. In the video, Huckson overcomes some mental barriers as well as physical. Due to his size, his motocross boots are too long in the leg; this means that he is unable to operate the brakes efficiently. But the family quickly overcome this issue.

His father watches Huckson around the track, as Huckson seems to slide around with little control. Brian advises Huckson to push his weight into the boots and allow his lower half to anchor the bike into the corners and over the bumps.

Off Huckson goes for another three laps trying his new technique, and he’s like a different rider! Chasing his brother round the track bettering himself with every lap.

Now, you can see that Huckson is a skilled motocross rider while riding the track, but where he comes into his own is on the jumps and stunts.

Huckson has mastered the tricks, working towards more significant heights and even more gnarly stunts! If a nine-year-old can do it, what’s stopping you?

To check out Huckson’s Facebook page, click here. For more motorcycle news, click here.
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