Scott Beaumont’s UCI BMX World Championships

Scott Beaumont

Scott Beaumont’s goal for 2019 was to win the BMX and 4X World Championships in the same year. This is something which has never been done before. However, the events which unfolded from this goal was not what Scott had in mind.

Early morning practice

Scott was leading at the 2019 UCI BMX World Championships. In addition to this, last Friday at the UCI BMX World Championships, Scott went unbeaten in his qualifying races. Scott ended up setting the fastest lap of the day.

During the race, Scott was on fire. He was attacking the first straight already in the lead that was until another rider lost control on the takeoff of the double jump. The rider went on to hit Scott side on. Scott was thrown like a rag doll. Medics were quick on the scene in treating Scott on the trackside. Following this, he was then rushed to the medical centre on-site.

 Scott Beaumont

The injury Scott sustained was an open fracture, dislocation of his right thumb. The doctors on site tried to put the dislocation back into place but with no luck. They then administered local anaesthetic and tried again. In agony, Scott was desperate for the dislocation to go back in. It wouldn’t. So it was straight into an ambulance and with lights on straight to the hospital.

Following this, the doctors administered further local anaesthetic to try and get the bones back in place. At this stage, his thumb was starting to turn black from all the bleeding and swelling. They were unable to get it back in, and he was rushed into the operating theatre.

 Scott Beaumont

There was a 50/50 chance of Scott losing his thumb at this stage. 2 hours later and the operation was a success. The thumb joint back in place, colour restored to his thumb, and the genuine threat of having his thumb removed was now reduced. Scott’s, however, had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours while anti bionics were administered through a drip to try as a precautionary measure.

 Scott Beaumont

On Sunday afternoon, Scott was discharged, and the team drove straight back home. On Monday morning, Scott met up with his doctor to discuss the next 12 weeks and how best he can recover from his injury.

By Tuesday afternoon, he had a doctor saying that by racing this weekend in Italy, the risk of infection in the joint wouldn’t mainly increase and that in 9 weeks he could start training again.

However, this won’t hold Scott back, and he has already commenced training.

 Scott Beaumont

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