Beaumont takes on the 2019 UCI 4X World Championships

Scott Beamount

6 days earlier at the UCI BMX World Championships – SorryMate athlete Scott was in 2nd position. He was on course for an incredible result. However, he was taken out by another rider which resulted in an open fracture-dislocation of his right thumb. However, this wasn’t going to stop Scot from competing at the 2019 UCI 4X World Championships.

Scott had surgery for 48 hours

His thumb bones were exposed for over 3 hours. Followed by a 2-hour operation, 48 hours in the hospital and then straight home to see his own team of doctors and specialists.

Every one of the 5 doctors he saw on Monday morning said do not do anything physical for 12 weeks with the thumb.

24 hours later, the team drove to Italy.

6 days after the crash Scott qualified in 15th and then 7 days after the crash he raced in the 2019 UCI 4X World Championships.

This was an incredible effort from Scott. There are so many things that we as a team could say about this performance but we will leave it as this is the comeback of all comebacks. However, overall, he performed well at the 2019 UCI 4X World Championships given his condition.


You can find more out about Scott Beaumont by viewing his athlete page below.

Scott Beaumont


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