Further bike thefts occur in Edinburgh

Criminal person with hoodie

Masked gang of motorcycle thieves tour in a transit van

It is thought that a gang of masked thieves are believed to be touring Edinburgh casing high-performance motorcycles before stealing them. Shocked bystanders were in disbelief after witnessing the mob lifting one bike into the back of a transit van.

Following the news of his friends’ stolen machine, the distraught owner is convinced that the group are behind similar raids in the area.

The 21-year-old trainee Barbour says he was in Musselburgh, Scotland on Saturday. He parked his motorcycle, a distinctive electric blue Yamaha MT-07, registration SK68 XJD just behind the high street.

Witnesses saw masked men steal the motorcycle

When he came to return to his motorcycle it wasn’t there. Two female residents heard the alarm going off on the bike, which caused them to go out and investigate. However, upon discovering that two masked men were lifting the bike into the back of their transit van, the witnesses were afraid to confront them.

Following on from this he said, “It’s one of those things you hear about, but you don’t think it’s that bad, but it just goes to show it happens here as well.”

The upset owner thinks the same gang are behind the theft of his friend’s motorcycle, also an MT-07. His bike was stolen from Stenhouse, Scotland. He thought the gang in question had seen both vehicles parked outside the barbers previously. Following this, they decided to pounce. Both thefts occurred in a matter of days.

He continued to say “It’s the same bike, he keeps his in the back garden not visible from the street, and the bikes were together at the barber’s.”

This isn’t the first time Edinburgh has witnesses bike thefts

There have been several reports in the Evening News of motorcycle thefts during this summer. Typically tourists motorcycles in particular Triumph models have been targeted and taken from outside of Hotels. Official figures revealed by Police Scotland show that thefts of motor vehicles including those of motorcycles have fallen by almost a third from 860 to 591 (31 per cent).

A spokesperson for the Police Scotland said: “Police in East Lothian are investigating after a motorcycle was stolen in Musselburgh.”

The time of this incident was about 3:30 pm on Saturday 31st August in the town of Fishers Wynd. The motorcycle (Yamaha) was loaded onto a Ford white transit van, which then proceeded to drive off towards New Street.

Police enquiries are still ongoing

Presently enquiries are ongoing to find the people responsible and to recover the motorcycle. The Police ask that if anyone has any information regarding this incident, they contact the Musselburgh Police Station. They can do this via 101 and quote the incident number, which is 2925 as well as the date of the incident’ 31st August’.

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