6 stunning motorcycles that 2019 gave us


As the year draws to a close and the nights get darker, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to reflect on the year at some of the motorcycles that 2019 has brought us. Here are some of our favourites.

1. The MV Agusta Rush 1000

MV Agusta Rush 1000

A motorcycle inspired by the drag strip, the MV Agusta Rush 1000 is genuinely a unique production motorcycle. It is based on the Brutale 1000RR DNA; The Rush 1000 features a 208bhp inline-four Powerplant aero as well as a lot of carbon fibre. The aesthetics of this machine is stunning. Equally the suspension package is just as impressive. It has high spec Ohlins fully electronic units adorning the front and rear of the motorcycle. Thanks to this incredible machine, the streetfighter war is definitely on with Ducati and Kawasaki.



2. The Aston Martin AMB 001

MV Agusta Rush 1000

The company is better known for its four-wheel luxury vehicles. Aston Martin has teamed up with Brough Superior in order to create the 180bhp turbocharged 997cc V-twin motorcycle.

The motorcycle features a carbon fibre body, and the dash is an iPhone. The cost of this machine will be $120,000 furthermore only 10 of these motorcycles will be made. They will be exclusively made for off-road and track use only. Despite it not being the type of vehicle you would nip out to the shops on it is still absolutely stunning to look at.



3. The Triumph Thruxton RS

The Triumph Thruxton RS

This motorcycle has been a popular choice for modern-retro fans. The Thruxton RS has been given a decent dose of improved power and weight reduction. The bike has now got a 1200cc parallel-twin engine that produces 8nhp more than it did before, this takes it to 105hp at its peak. The 112Nm of torque is at a handy 4,251rpm. Courtesy of the crank modifications the higher-revving engine has had its inertia reduced by 20%. Lighter clutch, thin-walled covers and balance shafts. Furthermore, the overall weight has been reduced by a significant 6kilograms.


4. The Triumph Rocket 3

The Triumph Rocket 3

The Triumph Rocket 3 is one of the most significant capacity motorcycles revealed at the EICMA this year. Its impressive 2,500cc inline triple produces a massive 221Nm torque as well as 165bhp. Amazingly the package weighs in at just under 300kg.

Despite this motorcycle not being as sporty as the others in this article, it will provide the same amount of thrill and happiness that others would. Note that the people who have seen this motorcycle in action can confirm that it sounds fantastic.



6. The MV Agusta Superveloce


This motorcycle is arguably one of the best, the neo-retro Superveloce with 145bhp from its inline-triple motor as well as its full IMU support, makes this machine both capable and aesthetically pleasing. MV first unveiled their ultra high spec Seri Oro; now they have released this production version for the general public to enjoy. The reality of this motorcycle is that it’s still a premium motorcycle; it will set you back around 20,000 euros.



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