All female biker groups pave the way for future female riders

Lincolnshire, riders

When you think of Lincolnshire, your immediate thought might be the vast nature reserves, stunning wildlife or the incredible food. 

However, little do people know that the area is becoming a hotspot for the rise of strong independent biker ladies. With over 50 miles of coastline and natural beauty, it’s not hard to comprehend why women are banding together and spending their days outdoors with the wind in their hair. Introducing you to the all-female Lincolnshire Bikers group known as #girlsrideout – feisty girls hitting top speed on the open roads.

 Female Riders are on the increase

The number of female riders in the UK is on the rise as modern motorcycles have been made more accessible. Between 2002 and 2016, statistically, bikes were used more by men. However, all-female biker groups are starting to appear in clusters on the roads inspiring more women to take up the hobby.

Just because a sport is male-dominated, doesn’t mean it’s exclusive

Lincolnshire #GirlsRideOut is attempting just that. When interviewing the group, Elizabeth stated that:

“For me, just because a hobby is male-dominated doesn’t mean it’s exclusive. If I’m honest, I’ve always found it easy to take part in perceived ‘male’ hobbies. 

 My mother handed down to me the advice that I should always do whatever I wanted to do. There are very few limitations; gender especially should never hold you back. 

Aside from motorbikes, I’ve competed at British level in powerlifting, and love fighting MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!”

Lincolnshire, riders

Inspiring more women to take up the hobby

The sense of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle is undoubtedly endless. You are not just riding; you are surpassing limits, both mentally and physically. Riding a bike will give you joy, happiness, and for some, a break away from today’s demanding world is crucial. 

Motorcycling can influence your sense of self. It’s not always just about your health but also about the benefits gained from participating in a group. You begin to understand more about yourself and the importance of being with a bunch of like-minded friends.

When questioned about whether more women should take up riding, Elizabeth stated:

“You should go for it. There is no better time than now. Who honestly wants to spend their later life wishing they’d done something?”

Lincolnshire, riders

 The Lincolnshire group are a part of a much larger movement.

Historically, women have dabbled in motorcycles thanks to leading female racers on the circuit. However, in recent years, female riders have been gaining much-needed momentum thanks to social media such as Facebook Groups and Instagram. We recently witnessed the creation of the successful Women’s World Relay Race, founded by Hayley Bell. This was a project to use social media to organise a world-wide female-only motorcycle baton relay. Hayley has recently been named the American Motorcycle Association’s Motorcyclist of the Year.

The niche but growing segment of women bikers is proving to be an essential driver of growth for companies, who historically created heavy machines tailored more to men. With the increase of riders such as #girlsrideout, we’ve seen a dramatic drive in the market for middle-weight devices. Added to this, the motorcycle accessories market now caters much more for the lady rider, whereas in the past there were few items specifically tailored for females.

 #girlsrideout want to encourage as many women as possible to take up the hobby. Elizabeth stated that for those in doubt

It can be a bit scary at first but so is learning any new skill, and if you’re in the Lincolnshire area our group is here waiting for you, giving you support and encouragement along the way!” 


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