Two-wheel travel could be the new normal in a post-lockdown world

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The Motorcycle Industry Association has launched “Unlock Your Freedom” initiative to encourage new riders to commute safely on a motorbike.

The UK is slowly waking up from a three-month lockdown slumber and many are having to consider their mode of transport. The use of trains and buses to commute to work has been discouraged by the Government, who have asked the public to “consider all other forms of transport before using public transport”.

Motorcyclists in the UK will know all about a mode of transport that is safe, quick, reliable and, crucially, socially distanced. This is because they have the answer sitting in their garages.

Last month, in the wake of a commuting conundrum, the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) launched a scheme to encourage new riders to get going on two wheels, with information on how to get started and details on why riding a scooter or motorcycle is a great way to stay isolated and safe.

The scheme, called #UnlockYourFreedom, has been launched in collaboration with multiple manufacturers, motorcycle publications and industry specialists, with the aim to open up the motorcycling world to thousands of new riders.

The MCIA’s key reasons to pick up a bike are highlighted on their website. These are:

  • Remain totally isolated – the safer way to travel
  • Affordable ownership, with daily ownership costing from less than a cup of coffee
  • Incredible fuel economy, with both fuelled and electric options


They also give advice on finding your local driving school and key information on protective clothing.

Commenting on the newly launched scheme, MCIA CEO Tony Campbell, said:

“Powered Two Wheelers are the perfect solution to the current government advice of avoiding public transport.

We are looking to every biker, industry connection and two-wheeled advocate to get behind the campaign to open up powered two wheelers to the masses and highlight the very real benefits of travelling on two wheels.”

SorryMate fully backs the #UnlockYourFreedom initiative and hope to see motorbikes and scooters become the “the new normal” for future generations.

If you would like more information on the scheme, visit Unlock Your Freedom where you can find out what type of bike you can ride at your age and what you need to gain before riding on the road.


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Find out more about #UnlockYourFreedom herehttps://www.unlockyourfreedom.co.uk/


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