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Born bikers... learnt to be lawyers

“Sorry, mate I didn’t see you!"

  You’ve either heard this statement from somewhere before, or you know someone who has.   Unfortunately, we can't stop bike accidents happening, we wish we could, but after they have happened, we can make sure we get you back on your feet and back on the road, where you belong.  

Sorrymate will ensure that your motorbike accident claim is dealt only by the best, most dedicated, biker driven bunch of professionals.


Sorrymate can handle everything from the repairs of your bike, a replacement bike while yours is off the road, any personal injury suffered and much more and all at no cost to you, so feel free to make a motorcycle accident claim.

  We will also handle any other kinds of accidents as we are aware bikers have car accidents (occasionally!), accidents at work, industrial accidents claims etc. We do it all for you.   We can also provide incredible value road insurance thanks to our partnership with BeMoto.   We offer a Gold SMIDSY membership card to keep on you at all times so that whenever you have a bike accident, you can use the contact details on the card straight away. In addition to this, it allows you to gain multiple discounts on a range of motorcycle products.   We are committed to bringing the best services to the biking community. Therefore we are bringing on board bike related companies who can offer their services, products and their expertise. For more details, please click on the Partners link.

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