Motorcycle Accident Statistics in the UK

Motorbike accidents, deaths and serious injuries

According to The Police Foundation, In Great Britain in 2016, over 19,297 motorcyclists were injured in reported road accidents. From this, 319 bikers were killed and 5,553 were seriously injured. While this may sound drastic, the figures demonstrate a 3% decrease in bike-related casualties of 3% between 2015 and 2016.

Road Traffic Accident statistics

In 2017, there was a total of 170,993 casualties reported road traffic accidents. A road traffic accident ”means an accident resulting in bodily injury to any person or damage to property caused by, or arising out of, the use of a motor vehicle on a road or other public place in England and Wales.” This data shows us that overall, there has been a 1.1% increase in road traffic accidents between 2016 and 2017. However, there have been recent changes made in the way in which road traffic accidents are reported. As a result, many choose to attribute this increase in RTA’s to this.

Motorcycle accident trends

Trends in data show that motorcycle death rate has continued from 493 to 319 since 2008. This represents a 35% decline in motorcycle accidents on a whole. However, it is worth noting that the particular nature of the biking community can often result in accidents of a less serious nature going unreported. Thus it is difficult to determine the actual figure of motorcyclist road casualties.

UK Motorcycle accident statistics

Common motorcycle accident causes

Multiple studies conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), the Department for Transport (DfT), The Association of European Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) and Austroads all demonstrate similar causes when it comes to motorcycle accidents.

Failure to negotiate bends

Statistics from 2016 demonstrated that over 9% of motorcycle accidents were caused by a bend in the road. The leading cause was often bikers attempting to overtake each other. This is significantly high when compared to car accidents which have a 6% accident rate on bends.

As a result, this data shows us that biker riders are far more vulnerable on the road in comparison to their four-wheeled counterparts. There are multiple reasons as to why a biker would crash on a bend. However, the most common causes are:
– The rider approached the bend at too high speed
– The rider misjudges the curve of the bend
– The rider takes a left-hand bend too wide and collides with a stationary object on the opposite side of the road
– Another vehicle cuts the bend and collides with the oncoming rider
– Another vehicle loses control and collides with the oncoming rider

Poor road conditions

Road surface conditions are additionally a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Road defects such as issues with the road surface, mud, gravel diesel spills and faulty manhole cover often cause motorcycles to lose grip while on the road.
Bikers are especially vulnerable on the road during poor weather conditions. This often creates damp, wet and icy road surfaces. As a result, bikers are often at risk from ‘capsizing’. This occurs when the motorcycle loses grip on the road.

motorcycle deaths 2018 uk

Motorcyclists who are most likely to be at risk on the road

92% of crash victims are male

37% of bikers were aged 25 and under

Sunday is the day when most fatal crashes occur

83% of accidents took place in excellent weather conditions

58% of all accidents claims occur on 50-125cc motorcycles

The most dangerous place to ride a motorcycle

The most dangerous roads in the UK for bikers

Scotland A82

North West A57

North East A194

West Midlands A4040

Yorkshire Humber A62

South East A259

Accident infographic

Motorbike Accident Info graphic

What to do if you’re involved in an accident

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