Biker Guardian is there for you 24/7!

Biker Guardian protects you with a helmet sticker and SOS wristband as well as tags for your keys and wallet.

Each MyTAG features a unique identification number which exclusively links you to your property and trusted contacts.

Activate your MyTAG online and you and your tagged possessions are covered instantly.

  • Log your friends and family as trusted contacts if we can’t reach you
  • Add your medical crisis plan
  • 256 bit secure encryption data
  • 24/7 cover – found reports despatched in seconds
  • Multilingual website for wherever you are in the world
  • 3 year replacement guarantee for all myTAGs – in event of damage, loss or wear and tear from date of first registration. Excludes P&P.

Each pack contains:

  • 1 key protector
  • 1 helmet sticker
  • 1 wallet recovery card
  • 1 SOS wristband