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    UNlimited passion or “UNpass” as they are known in Europe, is a brand of the SABE Industry Group, which for over 40 years has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of technical products for upkeep, cleaning, maintenance, disinfection and hygiene.

    Our goals are to continually improve our products to ensure you get the best results. Unlimited Passion listen to what you, our customers, tell us and work to provide you with the answers to your needs.

    Unlimited Passion has their our own R&D Laboratory which allows us to design, formulate and manufacture the products we know you want and need. We are the manufacturer and the supplier. We are chemists and experts in what we do. But, we are also enthusiasts, just like you.

    Unlimited Passion knows the products Unlimited Passion sell to you, because, people LIKE US helped to make them. Unlimited Passion has designed them with people like you, for you.

    To order your products visit, Unlimited Passion.