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Filtering Cases

Example 1: One of our clients recently came off his bike after colliding with a vehicle turning right out of stationary traffic. The driver stated that he was attempting to perform a U-turn after following directions from his Sat-Nav. The driver stated that he indicated at the same time or a split second before turning out of the traffic, which goes to show that even watching for signals, as a biker, is sometimes not enough. This case highlights the importance of travelling slow when filtering through traffic, some people don’t indicate as they should and you should also look for movement or other signs that a driver is thinking of moving (i.e. moving their hands on the steering wheel if you can see it etc). This case was settled on a 50/50 basis due to lack of witnesses to testify in favour of either party.

Example 2: The second example is a similar case where a bike collided with a car turning right out of stationary traffic. In this case the driver was turning into a layby to turn right into a car park when he turned sooner than he should have, driving across the hatches leading up to the bay. As a biker it is important to be aware of side roads and laybys where vehicles can cut into traffic or emerge from the traffic but sometimes, as in this case, people can turn too soon or without warning.

From these examples it’s important to note speed and observation when filtering. Obviously not all accidents can be prevented and, sadly, there are a lot of idiots on the road, but keep these cases in mind and hopefully you can spot the idiots before they cause you or your bike any harm.

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