Mr Aisthorpe’s Case

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Location: Bury
Client: Mr Aisthorpe


Mr Aisthorpe’s Case

Mr Aisthorpe fell off his bike in September 2011 due to a sunken fire hydrant in Bury. He sustained an injury to his knee and damage to both his bike and kit. After SorryMate took on the case, the local council admitted liability within two months and his claim was settled within 13 months of the date of his accident. were able to recover compensation for his injuries along with payment for his bike and money to replace his damaged kit.

Mr Aisthorpe stated that he was extremely satisfied with the result of his claim and that he felt SorryMate had done him a huge favour in handling his claim. Since SorryMate can handle every aspect of a claim, Mr Aisthorpe could relax while our experienced team took care of it.

If you’ve had an accident due to the council’s negligence, i.e. potholes, sunken hydrants or grids, you can make a claim. We have successfully claimed for many pothole (and similar) claims so the odds are that we can help you. Call 0800 6 300 301 or email for more information.

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