Personal Injury Claim After Lorry Collision Awarded £150,000

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Personal Injury Claim After Lorry Collision Awarded £150,000

Liz Hoskin was successful with a personal injury claim regarding an articulated lorry that caused a major collision involving multiple cars, one of which collided into our client’s motorbike, causing a catalogue of severe injuries.

Our client was riding his Kawasaki ZX7-R at around 8:20am on his way to college. He was on a main A-road single carriageway, while on the opposite side of the road was a queue of traffic, with a lorry at the back.

The driver of the lorry lost control and the heavy vehicle struck five vehicles in front of it, which led to one of those swerving to its offside and directly into the path of our client.

An air ambulance was called to the scene and lifted our client to hospital with a series of critical injuries, including fractured spine, pelvis, right lower leg and ankle, right arm and thumb, right shoulder, right hand, left foot, left forearm and left elbow.

The lorry driver was charged by the police with five offences and put forward a defence of automatism, arguing his mental state at the time meant that he had no conscious knowledge of his actions. However, this failed and he was convicted at Crown Court on all five counts.

Liz obtained medical evidence for our client, such as orthopaedic, urological and psychological condition, and utilised this to obtain substantial compensation for the client’s injuries, loss of earnings and the possibility of future problems with his health.

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