Why Sorrymate supports Air Ambulance on all levels

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Why Sorrymate supports Air Ambulance on all levels

A self-employed man was riding his Yamaha, in the early morning on his way to a job. He was  approaching traffic lights intending to carry straight on. The lights were in the process of changing from green to red.

As he rode through, a silver Mercedes was turning right from the opposite carriageway to our client, across the client’s path, causing a collision. The client was rendered unconscious in the accident and could recall nothing of it. Sorrymate were therefore reliant on eyewitnesses, whose accounts differed as to  whether the client rode through a red light, or whilst it was still amber.

One witness, who had been driving some way behind our client, stated that he had accelerated to go through the lights “before they changed to red”. The driver of the Mercedes accepted that their manoeuvre had begun before the right turn filter lights had turned to green.

The client was taken to hospital by air ambulance, with multiple facial fractures, a crush fracture of the right hand, fractures of  both first ribs, but most worryingly a bleed to the brain. He has yet to return to work and required a large amount of care and help as he recovered from his injuries, mostly provided by his wife who works full time and has borne the brunt of the consequences of the accident. As with many brain-injured people, our client lost some of his cognitive function, became irritable and also child-like.

The majority of the work done on this case was to try and establish the sequence of events leading up to the collision. The client was at risk that a Court would conclude that he had ridden through a red light but it was clear that the car driver had not waited until the traffic signals were in their favour, and had failed to appreciate the presence of the motorcycle which was fully visible in good weather and with lights illuminated.

Much time was spent looking through the police report and witness evidence, together with an accident reconstruction report and locus photographs.

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