Noise Cameras

Noise Cameras set to be tested to crack down on illegal exhausts

In a bid to cut down on illegal exhausts, the department of transport has released that they will be trialling new noise cameras at various locations across the UK. Over the next seven months the department will monitor the success of the trial, and if successful, will roll the cameras out across the UK later in the year.

The scheme aims to crack down on illegal exhausts

The new initiative is aimed at drivers and motorcyclists with illegal exhaust systems in the hope to cut down on the amount of noise pollution created by vehicles. A microphone will record the sound of a passing vehicle, before ANPR and video and image capturing cameras collect visual evidence against the offending machine.

When talking about the new trial, Chris Grayling, transport secretary, said “Noise pollution makes the lives of people in communities across Britain an absolute misery and has severe health impacts. This is why I am determined to crack down on the nuisance drivers who blight our streets,” he added. “New technology will help us lead the way in making our towns and cities quieter, and I look forward to seeing how these exciting new cameras could work.

Security Camera

It’s predicted that more bikers will receive punishments

Up until now, noise regulations have been enforced subjectively by Police officers. Eliminating subjectivity means that more people are likely to be punished for their illegal actions. The cameras will also take into account the speed and location of the vehicle when the offence takes place.

CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, Tony Campbell, also said: “With growing pressure on the environment, including noise pollution, illegal exhausts fitted by some riders attract unwanted attention to the motorcycle community and do nothing to promote the many benefits motorcycles can offer.

“All manufacturers produce new motorcycles that follow strict regulations regarding noise and emissions, and we welcome these trials as a potential way of detecting excessive noise in our community.”


Bikers have some tough decisions to make in relation to their exhausts

So, what will bikers choose to do now? Will we change the bikes exhausts back to standard or will we run the risk of being caught? A saying that’s been around for a while is that” loud pipes save lives” and certainly when it comes to filtering, it can assist in being heard and therefore seen. A quick blip of the throttle can alert other road users to your presence and reduce the risk of an incident.

The trial comes after extensive research has taken place and concluded that excessive noise pollution could not only be harmful physically but mentally too. Although we think some people might disagree, personally,  the noise of our bikes at Sorrymate brings nothing but joy and happiness!


Underwater Motorcycle

New Underwater Motorbike Now On Sale

For £13,000 you could be the proud owner of a new underwater motorcycle (yep you heard us right) that allows you to explore the seabed in your private submarine.

Underwater Motorcycle

The ‘SubSea Scooter’ is powered by an electric underwater motorcycle and allows owners to ride underwater for up to two-and-a-half hours at a time. It uses the same controls as a conventional motorcycle and brings a whole new world for bikers to adventure into. The rider of the machine sits in an upright position with their bubble helmet to supply oxygen.

The unique scooters are available as either single or double units – and the sellers claim they are ‘ideal for exploring coral reefs’.

Underwater Motorcycle

How fast can it go?

The scooter weighs 150kg and reaches a top speed of 3mph, the maximum depth advised is up to 12 metres. The bike also has a built-in airbag, enabling the rider to rise and fall as they wish with a change in air volume. This makes exploring the depths of the sea easier than it ever has been.

Underwater Motorcycle

How much will it cost?

A one-person scooter is available from UK firm Silvercrest Submarines for £12,860 ($16,300), while the two-person scooter will cost £17,660 ($14,000).

The scooter is ideal for yacht enthusiasts, divers, and tourist destination operatives, or anyone that fancies a trip into the ocean to explore.

The manufacturers say, ‘this scooter is ideally suited for couples to explore the underwater world in safety and comfort.  Each rider’s head goes inside an air chamber within the helmet, which is continuously supplied with air from scuba tanks lasting seventy minutes, which are attached to the front body of the scooter’.

What other features does it have?

The helmet features a flat fog resistant glass giving a clear underwater view. Each underwater motorcycle is powered by two electric motors, one for forwarding movement and another for vertical movement, providing precise control, manoeuvrability and safety.

Underwater Motorcycle Underwater Motorcycle

“The controls operate like your typical motorbike,” said the spokesperson. “Turn the handlebars for direction and push the batons for speed and depth. Pressure and depth gauges are provided on the control bar. With a maximum speed of three miles per hour and an operating depth of up to 12 meters, riders have access to shallow reefs and caves. Those who are not strong swimmers or who have minor disabilities can still ride the bike and can wear glasses or contact lenses without difficulty. No diving certification is needed; no experience is required. A line attached to a marker buoy keeps the scooter safely tethered to the world above.”

The new ‘motorcycle’ makes sea exploration accessible to everyone, bikers and drivers alike. We wonder how many bikers will venture underwater!

Youngest Motorcycle Dealer in UK

18 Year Old Becomes UK’s Youngest Motorcycle Dealership Owner

Wildmans Motorcycles in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, announced last month that a former apprentice of the shop was to become the new owner of the dealership. On May 20th, Chris Lake, who has since turned 19, took over as head mechanic and owner of the premises.

When speaking out publicly, Chris said “I’ve got to try, haven’t I? If I don’t try now, then I won’t know what could’ve been. I don’t want to sit back and not have a go.”

Chris had been working at the dealership since he was 13 years

Since 2005, Peter McDowell owned the premises (started trading in 1926 as a blacksmith’s forge) and has now chosen to hand over ownership to Lake, who has been working for the firm since he was 13 when he started as a Saturday boy.

Chris has made a big step up from Saturday boy to owner. It goes to show that with hard work and perseverance, you can achieve! It may even inspire others to have a go, perhaps not owning a dealership, but to work on their bikes. Starting with the basics and progressing from there.

The former owner will still assist Chris in his new role

Chris will be assisted in running the business by Alex Fixter, who will undertake fixing and repair jobs. Whilst Peter will be retiring, he will jump in to assist Chris in his new venture, as times get busy and the workload increases.

Since taking the company over in May, Chris has also introduced a new recovery service to the list of services already available at the garage. Chris will run this service at all times, Alex will run the mechanical side of the shop, and Chris’s mother will help to run the motorcycle sales side of the business.

We wish Chris luck in his new venture and hope it is a prosperous business opportunity for the young man.

If you know of a younger dealership owner, we would love to hear from you!

Why you should ride a bike

12 Reasons To Ride A Motorcycle

While many people could think of a million and one reasons not to ride, we thought we would give you twelve good reasons to jump on a bike and head for the hills. Even with motorcycles costing a fraction of the price to run, only a small percentage of the population are taking advantage of the benefits.

1- They save you money… to spend on more bike related things, of course!

As mentioned above, bikes cost substantially less to run than their four-wheeled opponents. Whether it be insurance, fuel, tyres, or general upkeep- bikes are cheaper! In general, any bike will be less expensive than a car, but in particular, the Suzuki sv650 and Yamaha MT-07 are right at the top when it comes to value for your money.

2- You’ll gain an instant biker family

When you’re a biker, you’re never alone. While this may sound a bit cliche and you’ve probably heard it many times before, but bikers are family. If you see a rider at the side of the road, you can bet they will be surrounded by others willing to help and get a fellow biker back on “his” way. The general misconception about bikers is that we are all tough and mean. Bikers are some of the most helpful people you will ever meet.

UK Bikers

3- The adrenaline rush is like no other

If you’re after a bit of speed, then motorcycling is the way of life to choose. Let’s be honest; if you wanted to get a car that is as capable as a bike, you would easily be looking at a five-figure number if not more. To achieve excellent performance on a bike, you can spend £2000 on an older sports bike that is still able to beat ninety per cent of road cars. It’s a no-brainer.

4- The ability to switch off and disconnect

In a world that is hyper-connected, it is sometimes difficult to distance yourself from things and have a bit of “me time”. Motorcycling can give you the much needed time away from technology and the gripes of life in general. Even a 10-minute ride to the shop can give you a little time to clear your head and put you back into your happy place. You can go out alone and meet new friends or go out with friends and meet more. Nothing cheers you up like a bimble out with awesome people.

UK Bikers

5- Save time during your commute

Is there anything more annoying than sitting in your car in a line of traffic and glancing across to see a biker filtering through the middle? I don’t think there is, so why sit and wait in traffic? Join the rising number of people riding to and from work. This reduces the amount of cars on the road, therefore, making it better for the environment too!

6- It burns calories!

Now, we’re not suggesting that bimbling along the road on your bike is the equivalent of running a marathon, but it does burn some calories. When you think about it, while in the car, you are sat still possibly munching on a chocolate bar or sipping a cup of coffee. When out on your bike, you have to focus on body positioning, holding up potentially more than 200 kg sat at traffic lights, and leaning said 200kg machine into some pretty sharp bends. Motorcycling is an all over body workout.

7- Helps you avoid the repetition of a mundane routine

Your morning commute can be tedious; it can make you tired of the day before it has even started. Why not turn a boring commute into the highlight of your day? Wake up, get dressed and go for a ride. Finish a rubbish day at work, suit up and go out for a ride — what a way to start and end an otherwise dull day.

12 reasons bikers

8- You’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint

Motorcycles have less of an impact on the world compared to cars. Not only do they cause less wear and tear on the road, but they also give off fewer emissions, don’t contribute to congestion, help conserve fuel, free up more parking, and ultimately require less raw materials to be produced. That is without mentioning the tidal wave of electric motorcycles flooding onto the market.

9- It helps to develop your mind

There is no greater feeling than coming across an issue with your bike and being able to pinpoint the problem and fix it! The relationship between rider and bike is more intense than the ones between cars and their owners, so bikers tend to be more motivated to learn what makes the bike tick, and how to keep it ticking. Whether it just be the general maintenance of their bike or being able to strip and rebuild an engine, bikers are in a league of their own when it comes to mechanics.

10- Biking has become accessible for everyone

For many years, ‘beginner’ bikes were few and far between. Many people found it challenging to find the perfect bike for them to begin on, but how times have changed! The big names in the industry have released loads of smaller displacement engines to suit all riders and experience levels. Nowadays, you can walk into a showroom and ride out on a brand new beautiful stock motorcycle that will suit the preferences of any rider.

12 reasons bikers

11- Bike gear looks and feels awesome

The typical mental image created by saying a biker is a man in his leathers, perhaps ill-fitting. However, there are now styles of gear to suit anyone and any purpose, whether it be a day down the tracks or a day at the pub. From custom made one piece to shelf brought kevlar jeans, there is gear for everyone. So, if it was a heavy leather suit putting you off biking, quit making excuses and find your new mode of transport.

12- Bikers are changing the world, one fundraiser at a time

Bikers do not just go around on their bikes or head to the pub. Many bikers and biker associations complete various fundraisers and events to raise money for charity. Annual toy runs, for example, bringing gifts to those less fortunate and bringing a smile along with them too. There is so many bikers get up to that assists others, why wait to become a part of it?

UK Bikers


BikerBiker Article Cover Photo

Bikers are shaking up the world of bike theft

When you think of superheroes, often the first thing that comes to mind isn’t leather-wearing burly bikers. However, volunteer bike recovery team Biker Biker have increased their patrols and recovery work throughout the UK in order to combat crime. The group offers a free recovery service for anyone that has had their bike stolen, something that the police often charge £150 for. In addition to this, they work closely with Knights Recovery and transport, saving Bikers hundreds of pounds in recovering their pride and joy after a theft.

Bike thefts are a common occurrence

It’s estimated that on average, 40,000 motorcycles are stolen every year in the UK. Often thieves will remove a motorcycle by breaking and entering into an area, followed shortly by hotwiring or other tampering methods to start the bike. In addition to this, It’s not uncommon for thieves to use vans or wagons. This allows them to pull-over, then grab your bike and go- all in under 10 seconds. Biker Biker recovers two bikes a week and successfully return them to their rightful owners. In addition to their recovery work, they also actively catch thieves in the act of stealing bikes. The group do all of this out of their own free time- what a team!

Biker Biker with police

The group rely upon donations to keep their voluntary work afloat

The money that is needed to keep this voluntary service running is all raised at biker events across the country. So if you see these guys, be sure to drop a few coins into their bucket. After all, you never know when you may have to call upon their services.

When interviewed, Shane, the founder of Biker Biker, stated that the patrols were massively important to them. Their only goal for the patrols is to reunite bikers with their stolen pride and joy.


The team are additionally focusing on raising awareness

In addition to the patrols, Biker Biker has been attending BSB meets, as well as the Southend Shakedown and the 1066 ride out. It is hoped that by attending the events, the group can pass out advice and raise awareness on bike security and preventing theft.

The group receives support from local police

Shane stated that the local police are very supportive of what they bring to the biking community. However, he worryingly pointed out that there was a growing trend for others to set up vigilante groups. He said it’s necessary to the success of their work to ensure that they stay above board.

“We’re completely above board. The best thing that these people could do is come out with us to increase our support.”


The group recently recovered a £16,000 motorcycle

One of the latest recoveries made by the heroic group was of a Ducati Multistrada 1000. The recovery occurred a year after it was stolen. When the motorcycle was returned, the group stated that the owner was extremely grateful as he and his dad had spent a lot of time and money adding a custom Tricolore paint scheme.

When Biker Biker discovered the location of the bike, with the help of the Met Police, they claimed it back and returned it. The group caught up with the leader of a gang attempting to sell the beloved motorcycle on. If the group had arrived just moments later and the bike could have been gone forever.

Biker Biker Group hoody

The Biker community continues to thrive

The biking community is such a compassionate and altruistic one that it comes as no surprise that in the face of adversity, groups such as Biker Biker continue to support their fellow riders. There is truly no other group with the same bond such as bikers. Recovery group Biker Biker is a reflection of the strength that runs through the community and we applaud them on their continued efforts to help reduce crime and fix others misfortune.

To find out more about Biker Biker or to give your support, click here.

Biker Bike Gang


Data reveals bikers who are the most likely to have a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accident statistics

Recently released statistics in 2019 show that motorcycle crashes and accidents have reduced by 5 %. Although this is excellent news for bikers everywhere, it is still important to remember that bikers still remain the most vulnerable road users in the UK.

The safety of bikers everywhere is paramount to SorryMate

Since 2016, the number of accidents involving bikers has reduced by 5%. When taking into consideration the number of motorcyclists on the road it’s clear that this is a significant decrease in accidents.

However, despite this decrease, it is essential to note that one in three accidents are either severe or fatal. It has become clear that both bikers and other road users must take more caution when making a journey.

Who is most likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident?

  • 92% of crash victims are male
  • 37% of bikers were aged 25 and under
  • Sunday is the day when most fatal crashes occur
  • 83% of accidents took place in excellent weather conditions
  • 58% of all accidents claims occur on 50-125cc motorcycles
  • The most dangerous place to ride a motorcycle

Nine of the ten most dangerous roads in the UK are located in London.

So, if you are lucky enough to live outside the capital, you are already in the lower percentage of bikers most likely to have a crash.

However, the UK has plenty of other roads that are also known to catch out even the most experienced riders.

The most dangerous roads for bikers are

  • Scotland A82
  • North West A57
  • North East A194
  • West Midlands A4040
  • Yorkshire Humber A62
  • South East A259

Looking at current motorcycle statistics, it is apparent that most accidents occur on A-roads.

But why? The obvious answer would be to say that it is due to the higher speed limits and denser traffic. But, are bikers and car drivers given sufficient training to be able to deal with roads like this? Are the streets adequately maintained? Or is there other reasons to be considered?

Something has to be done to combat the fatality rate, whether it be more training for road users or efficient maintenance of the road surfaces. With the British summertime (a week of sunshine) ahead of us, we hope that everyone will be able to enjoy the weather and most importantly, stay safe!

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t hesitate to contact SorryMate for free legal advice. SorryMate is a dedicated firm who focus on getting bikers the compensation they deserve.

Humberside Police

Biker ambushed by helmet-wearing gang

A biker delivery driver was ambushed by a helmet-wearing gang in motorbike snatch.

Humberside Police were called to a daylight ambush on the 5th May 2019 at 16.20, when a delivery driver had his black Taiwan Goldenbee motorcycle stolen. The gang were wearing bright coloured crash helmets. In addition, they were wearing high-vis vests when the theft occurred.

The biker was attacked at a cash machine

The innocent motorcyclist stopped at a local cashpoint to withdraw some money when the two men approached him.  They quickly overpowered the man and made off with this bike.

Humberside Police are still looking for anyone that may have any information on the incident that may lead to the criminals being caught. A 15-year old was arrested in connection with the theft. However, he has now been released pending further enquiries.

So what are police doing to crack down on the rise of thefts widespread across the UK?

Humberside police gave a public statement

Sergeant Derek Hussain of Humberside police said: “As well as the four we arrested yesterday, we also seized a motorbike and dealt with another 14-year-old boy who had breached his curfew – and we’re not going to stop there.

“We have patrols looking out for bikes we suspect have been stolen and for people who are riding dangerously or illegally.”

“Your support and information are also vital, and we have officers out there continually speaking to people about their concerns and putting together the information we need to carry out successful warrants.”

Humberside Police are setting a good example to other forces

SorryMate hopes that more police across the UK will follow the example that Humberside police are setting. We hope that all forces will continue to work hard against the rising number of motorcycle thefts.

With summer fast approaching, and the number of bikes on the road increasing, theft will inevitably rise. Thieves are now becoming more brazen. Bikers should make sure that extra precautions are taken when parking up as well as storing your bikes; even in broad daylight!

If you’re looking for more fresh content on the latest motorcycle news, click here to read more from SorryMate


MotoE Fire: The show must go on

MotoE testing for series has been suspended after a fire caused “major damages and losses“.

Devastating fire hits the Jerez circuit

The MotoE championship is due to kick off at Jerez at the start of May. However, that could come to an end thanks to a catastrophic fire last night at the circuit.

The fire broke out in a temporary garage unit. The source of the light at this moment in time is thought to be down to new Energica Ego bikes electric motorcycles. The electric bikes were at the circuit for their second full test before the MotoE competition. The initial report of the fire suggests that the fire has consumed all 18 of the brand new machines.

A race against time

The first European MotoGP race of the season was set to at the Spanish circuit in May. Following this, the season would continue for another four circuits. These included the Le Mans, Sachsenring, the Red Bull Ring and Misano circuit. The bosses are now in a race against time to attempt to resurrect the infrastructure to get the season started.

Unfortunately for riders, the electric motorcycles weren’t the only thing lost in the blaze. All equipment based on the same structure was also destroyed. This included all championship materials, tools, laptops and equipment belonging to the riders. Despite this, luckily no persons were reported as injured.

The race was due to start in six weeks

The season was scheduled to begin in a mere six weeks. According to a statement released by MotoGP bosses, the event has been post-phoned indefinitely. An investigation is underway to establish the exact cause of the fire as at this point, and it is mostly speculation.

However, one thing is for sure. The opener for the season is now cancelled. Officials have stated that changes to the calendar are currently being considered.

Technology advancements bring risk

The FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup is a competition that is one of a kind. The event is powered by 100% renewable and sustainable energy. However, as with all technology advancements, there is always risk involved. This scenario merely highlights that reality once more.

Dorna Sports has stated that they are committed to getting the event up and running as soon as possible. However, for the time being, the race will not be held at the Spanish circuit.

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Motorcycle theft has declined

The UK has seen a fall in motorcycle crime over the last 12 months.

Motorcycle crime decreases as car crime are on the rise

Unfortunately for car owners, as motorcycle crime is falling, cars have become the new target. In the last 12 months, automotive crime has risen from 86,000 thefts to 112,000. This is nearly a 50% increase in crime.

In comparison to this, motorcycle crime has fallen from 34,000 to 27,000 over the last 12 months. Many outlets are accrediting the fall in bike-related crime to the police and their new tactics.  Police forces across England have implemented a whole new range of anti-theft measures from tactical vehicle ramming to DNA spray. One thing is for sure, and it’s having some effect.

Motorcycle crime is due to fall even further

Bikers around the UK will be happy to hear that current trends predict that motorcycle thefts will continue to decline in 2019. However, unfortunately, the recovery rate for stolen machines remains low. Additionally, it shows no sign of improvement shortly.

Within the last five years, over 79,228 motorcycles were stolen. This amounted to an excess of £54.5 million pounds. The vast majority of bikes themselves were never recovered. Currently, 59% of bikes which are stolen are either sold on with cloned identities or shipped abroad.

In some cases, the machines are broken down into salvaged parts and make their way onto eBay or Facebook marketplace. As a result, they often their way onto legitimate motorcycles. The owners are often non-the-wiser.

Only 10,400 motorcycles are recovered a year. The vast majority of the bikes are found in a poor state, often set alight. As a result, they are frequently written off by their insurance company.

Police have changed their priorities

About ten years ago, vehicle crime was considered a relatively low priority issue. It was considered an insurance issue rather than a severe offence. However, with the rise of moped gangs and street violence, police forces across the country have been forced to take the issue more seriously. Gang crime has increased ten-fold in the UK. Muggings and robberies are being committed daily and in broad daylight.

As a result, the police have become tougher on bike crime. Without a doubt, motorcycle crime has fallen dramatically. The knock on effect of this is that the Government can no longer afford to see bike crime as an isolated issue.



Motorcycle racing returns to Oliver’s Mount Circuit

A recently formed motorcycle racing club is helping to bring motorcycle racing back to Scarbrough this year.

Scarborough Borough Council have given their full support

The Two Four Three Road Racing Association are bringing back Oliver’s Mount Circuit to Scarborough, with the full backing of Scarborough Borough Council. Currently, two meetings are confirmed in regards to the challenging 2.43-mile public road race track.

These are the Barry Sheen Classic on 27 and 28 July and the Gold Cup from 27 to 29 September. Both of which, have been agreed by the Auto Cycle Union (ACU).

Oliver’s Mount is the only English road racing circuit

Currently, Oliver’s Mount is the only motorcycle road race in England. As you can imagine, it’s exhilarating to see the iconic event return. Both the tourism businesses on the Yorkshire Coast and motorcycle ace fans around the world have welcomed its return.

Scarborough Borough Council has agreed to a lease to GrantRoberts Ltd. The race is operated by the Two Four Three Road Racing Association.

Two Four Three have a wealth of experience when it comes to road racing

When it comes to road racing, Two Four Three have a wealth of knowledge. This includes

  • former Grand Prix and Isle Of Man TT racer
  • supplier of Pirelli tyres to the British Superbike grid
  • Eddie Roberts,
  • and seven times Isle of Man TT winner and multiple winners at Oliver’s Mount, Mick Grant.

Eddie Roberts gives his opinion on the return of Oliver’s Mount

“Behind the scenes, there have been months and months of planning to get us to this stage, and there are a huge number of people I need to thank, including Shaun Dalton and the 1946 Marshal Association. We are working side-by-side with the ACU and work is already underway to improve the safety of the track for both for riders and spectators. We know it’s a huge task to undertake, but we are 100% confident racing will take place at Oliver’s Mount this year.”

“I watched my first road race at Oliver’s Mount in short pants back in the early ‘50s, and it ignited my passion for racing; we couldn’t let this historic track crumble into the history books. We need road racing in England; it’s one of the finest tracks in the world, and it’s unique. I can’t wait to hear and witness classic and modern bikes race around this demanding track once again. Today is an emotional and significant day.”

Oliver’s Mount is the heart of motorcycle racing

For more than 70 years, Oliver’s Mount has been at the heart of motorcycle racing. The circuit was first hosted in 1946. The course itself is narrow and twisty. It boasts hairpin corners and very short straights. As a result, it has become one of the most challenging road races to date. As a result, the race attracts hundreds due to its exciting atmosphere.

Oliver’s Mount has challenged the nerves of many famous riders such as John Surtees, Giacomo Agostini, Barry Sheene and Carl Fogarty, to name a few.

The race has full support from the locals

Scarborough Borough Council and its tourism partners are entirely behind the new club and are excited to bring racing back to the Yorkshire Coast.

Cllr Derek J Bastiman, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, said:

“This is fascinating news! I am delighted that Eddie and Mick are committed to delivering a bright and exciting future for motorcycle racing at Oliver’s Mount; their experience, knowledge and business acumen within the sport is first class.” 

Oliver’s mount is an essential part of Yorkshire

The race forms a necessary part of the Yorkshire calendar. It contributes around £1.4million annually to the local economy.

Cllr Martin Smith, Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet Member for Leisure, said:

“Racing at Oliver’s Mount has always played a valuable role in supporting the Yorkshire Coast visitor economy. Today’s fantastic news means that the role is set to continue and prosper. Many tourism businesses have been asking me for months when racing will return to Oliver’s Mount so I’m very pleased that I can finally say 2019 for certain!”

Further updates and news about this year’s events at Oliver’s Mount will follow in the coming weeks.

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