Sustaining a serious back injury is something that all motorcyclists fear. In a best case scenario it can put you out of action for a few weeks due to minor bruising, while obviously following harder impacts, riders can be left with far more serious, life-changing injuries.  
Accidents can happen to anyone at any moment – even the most experienced bikers. A sub-standard road surface, poor weather conditions or the actions of another motorist can all result in you coming off your bike and sustaining an injury. understands that dealing with the after effects of an injury, such as recuperating and making a back injury claim, can be incredibly stressful. Our bike accident compensation claim team is made up of legal professionals who understand what biking is all about and they will do everything possible to make the claim process as simple and as painless as possible.
Sometimes the situation following an accident is not clear-cut, but by getting in touch with things will be made a lot simpler. You might be unsure about whether you should, or indeed want to, make a personal back injury claim. Our team will evaluate your case and be able to provide advice on how to proceed, ensuring total peace of mind when you need it most.
What’s more, you won’t need to worry about having to pay anything upfront in order to make a claim through We operate on a No Win, No Fee basis.
The team at also specialise in other personal injury claims, so if you happen to have hurt your back following a slip, trip or a fall, make sure you get in touch now. Likewise, if you have sustained an injury while out on your bicycle and want to make a cycle accident claim, call us on 0800 6 300 301.

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