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Sometimes, a motorbike accident can occur without an actual collision. In cases such as these you may have been forced to swerve or brake due to a road traffic accident involving other drivers and, although you haven’t been hit, you could still find yourself suffering from injuries as a direct result.

If you feel that you’re entitled to personal injury compensation get in touch with our dedicated solicitors at Sorrymate today.

At Sorrymate we have hands-on experience of being bikers ourselves, so you won’t have to worry about explaining technical motorbike jargon or struggling to get your solicitor to understand how the accident has come about in the first place. To us, your motorbike accident claim is a serious matter and we will treat it as such, even if you weren’t involved in the actual accident at hand. Many of our past clients that have suffered similar accidents have filed successful claims with us after being turned away by other accident claim solicitors.

Whether you’ve tried other solicitors without success or are only just looking into seeking compensation, call our bike accident advice line now to receive advice that you can trust.

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Mr Aisthorpe fell off his bike in September 2011 due to a sunken fire hydrant in Bury....

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