People hear the word ‘biker’ and immediately think of motorcycles – but Sorrymate understands that bicycle riders encounter similar problems, so we can also offer assistance with your bicycle accident claim.

From bad road conditions to inattentive car drivers, all kinds of challenges can confront cyclists who are simply trying to reach their planned destination.

No one likes potholes, but for those on two wheels, they can be particularly troublesome. As bikers ourselves, the dedicated team at Sorrymate knows how jarring it is to hit a bad section of road. Balance can be affected and damage to your bike can occur. Worst of all, you may fall off and seriously injure yourself resulting in a potential pothole accident claim.

If that happens, we can help. Bicycle accident claims resulting from road quality issues require the involvement of local authorities, such as city or town councils, which can be complicated to deal with. Sorrymate is experienced in correspondence with such bodies and will ensure that your claim is dealt with effectively.

We apply a similar level of detailed attention to our pursuit of compensation when an accident has been caused by another party’s poor driving. We’ve all been through those nasty moments, followed by a driver’s flippant apology of: “Sorry mate, didn’t see you there!”  – and we don’t feel that’s an adequate resolution to an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Our SMIDSY card carries all our contact details so that if you are involved in a cycling accident and think you may have a bicycle accident claim, you can quickly get in touch with our experienced staff to gain friendly advice and discuss the options open to you.

We operate on a No Win, No Fee basis so you won’t have to worry about money.  Our dedicated biking solicitors are very familiar with all the issues involved and are ready to help via our bike accident advice line or online contact form.

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