It is often believed that if you come off your bike as a result of a diesel spill, then you cannot make a bike accident claim. This is an incorrect assumption that could be losing thousands of victims the compensation they deserve.

Bike riders can be entitled to compensation if it can be proved that the diesel spill was a result of the negligence of an untraced road user.

Diesel spills can be one of the greatest dangers facing a rider on the road. Often, like black ice and mud on the road, it is hard to see diesel slicks on the road and even harder to spot them at high speeds, making them that much more dangerous. Diesel spills are caused by negligent drivers overfilling (necking) their tank or not securing their fuel cap properly.

Unfortunately diesel spills are becoming more common in rural areas as an increasing number of vehicles use country lanes in order to avoid congestion on main roads and motorways. Rainfall makes this situation worse because it causes oil or diesel on the road to float to the surface making it slippy. This means the slick could have been on the road for days before it becomes a real hazard.

Riders can claim for property damage as well as a loss of earnings but personal injury claims must be lodged within three years of the accident, and riders must be able to provide an incident number from the police. With one of our unique ‘SMIDSY’ cards, all you need to do is keep it safe on you and, should you be involved in an accident, just call us and we’ll take care of the rest of your motorcycle accident claim for you.

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