Sorrymate can help you if you need to make an industrial deafness claim due to hearing damage that you have suffered as a result of noise in your workplace.

Industrial deafness, also known as noise-induced hearing loss or occupational deafness, is when a working environment causes loss of hearing – whether in the short term or the long term. Either of these consequences, though particularly the latter, can have a huge impact on a person’s quality of life. Sorrymate understand this and can offer you assistance if you are considering making an industrial deafness claim.

It is unfair and unnecessary for someone to suffer the loss of hearing as a result of earning a living, as employers should take precautions to ensure this doesn’t happen. Negligence of the wellbeing of employees is unacceptable and Sorrymate can help you if you feel you have been a victim of this.

Conditions resulting from workplace noise which lead to industrial deafness claims commonly include tinnitus and acoustic shock syndrome.

Tinnitus is noise in one or both ears, such as a buzzing, ringing or whistling, which sounds as though it is coming from an external source but is actually an internal result of unprotected, prolonged exposure to loud noise, such as tools or machinery.

Acoustic shock syndrome, or acoustic trauma, results from a person being subjected to very loud noise, or series of loud noises, at very close proximity. This could be anything from feedback noise in a headset to an explosion and can cause irreparable hearing damage.

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