Sorrymate can assist you in making a road traffic accident claim (RTA) if you have been in an unfortunate incident involving a bicycle or motorcycle.

This kind of event can have a major impact on your life, and with an experienced background in biking, SorryMate’s staff understand your position and can use our expertise to help you when you need to make a cycle accident claim or motorcycle accident claim.

As a motorbiker or cyclist, it is very annoying and upsetting when a car driver doesn’t see you and ends up causing damage to your bike. In severe circumstances, they may also cause you a physical injury. It happens to many, many bikers every single year.

Other common motivators for a road traffic accident claim (RTA) include potholes, which are the responsibility of local authorities; careless pedestrians and even other bike riders.

Here at Sorrymate, we talk you through your situation and offer support and advice to help you understand the options available to you. Some accidents are not straightforward and it is important that you fully understand the claim that you are making and all of the related issues and potential outcomes.

If you are making a road traffic accident claim (RTA), our chief aim will be to make sure it is handled as sensitively and efficiently as possible.

Friendly staff on our bike accident advice line are waiting to take your call on 0800 6 300 301.

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