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Transfer your claim

25% of our clients have sacked their previous solicitors to come to us. To transfer your claim there are no costs involved as we recover their costs along with our own at the end of the claim. It really is that simple.

Sorry-Mate Collision


Car drivers don’t see bikers. Why? Because they don’t look for us! At SorryMate we know about bikes. We were born bikers and learnt to be lawyers.  Our experts will strive to do their best to get you the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Non-Collision Accidents

You are riding along the road when a driver pulls out of a side road, you brake, swerve but down you go anyway and slide off along the road. We have recovered damages for hundreds of bikers where a driver caused them to crash without hitting them.

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SorryMate proudly sponsors a number of athletes. To view more information on who we currently sponsor, or to find out about upcoming sponsorship opportunities. follow the link below.