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Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to expensive motorcycle saddlebags? Why not check out Viking Motorcycle bags? Get 10% off with SorryMate’s Gold SMIDSY membership card.

Who are Viking Bags?

Viking Bags also offers multiple mounting options for most of these bags along with the shock cut out option for the motorcycles that have exposed shocks and need this in order to install the saddlebags properly.

There’s the standard throw-over mounting option, the hard mount which will require the bolting of the saddlebags to your fender rail, and the quick disconnect mounting option.

The latter option is still a hard mount, but only the QDS mounting posts are hard mounted to the fender rail and not the saddlebag itself.

The QDS itself is easily removable as it will remain attached to the saddlebags making the removal of the saddlebags themselves a matter of seconds. Look no further, Viking Bags offers the lowest price on motorcycle luggage, guaranteed!

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