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  • Drop your gear – Professional Cleaning – £10 off Discount Voucher

    Drop Your Gear is a specialist cleaning, valeting and restoring business for all of your motorcycle clothing. Get £10 off with every valid SMIDSY Gold Membership.

    Contact them today to obtain your quote.

  • Junction-33 Dyno Remap – 10% off Voucher

    Junction-33 has built its reputation as one of the best Dyno Services in Europe with customers across the world shipping in their ECU units. The company offers a fast, reliable first class service.  Whether you want your machine’s ECU simple serviced, or you desire a high-performance re-mapping, Junction-33 is the place to go. With year’s of experience and passion, no other dyno company can compete.

    Don’t want to take your motorcycle to the shop? No issue! Just ship your ECU Unit directly to Junction-33. For more information on making a booking, contact Junction-33 here.

  • Sport and Customs Motorcycle Garage -10% Discount Voucher

    Sport and Customs Motorcycle Garage, located in South Manchester, is an independent motorcycle garage. They offer repairs & Servicing on all makes of motorcycles. In addition to this, they also supply and fit motorcycle alarms, MOT prep and failure work.

    Thy pride themselves on their old school values and old school prices.