MyTAG Keychain

Losing the keys to your bike is one of the worst things imaginable for a biker and, even worse, is not knowing if you’ll get them back. MyTAG is a small identification tag unique to each individual which increases the chances of your keys being returned to you.

When someone finds your tag, they call the number on it, providing your identification number and you are instantly notified about the location of your keys. MyTAG provides fast and efficient recovery of your belongings with worldwide cover for up to three years. When registering for your MyTAG you have the option to register up to five emergency contacts with a 24/7 UK support centre online and over the phone. You also have the option to offer a reward to whoever finds your lost keys. Their online support centre is also supported by a multi-language interactive website in case your keys are found overseas.

MyTAG gives you the peace of mind you need to protect your motor and, here at, we know how it feels to lose your bike keys, so we want to give you fellow bikers a helping hand by offering a discount.

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How to use a MyTAG

Once you have registered your personal belongings your secure on-line Profile includes space for you to add up to 5 trusted contacts, so in the event, we can’t reach you, we’ll notify your next point of contact.

None of us can control the timing of a family or personal medical crisis. But if you take steps to plan ahead in case of an emergency, you can save yourself and those you love a great deal of time and stress in the midst of an already difficult situation.

As a biker or cyclist you’ll often find yourself far from home, friends and family. In the event of an emergency, minutes matter – if you ride by yourself and carry no means of identification – then you make yourself vulnerable. By wearing a MyTAG SoS Wristand we are able to assist you 24/7 -wherever you may be.

MyTAG’s secure online portal allows you to create a personal profile which can include up to 5 trusted contacts, and other information such as your blood group, allergies or conditions, so that in the event of an accident the medical teams can give you the best possible care.

It’s not always practical to carry a mobile phone when you’re riding – it’s at these times you need to wear some form of ID that can’t be dropped, broken, left behind or become useless with little or no reception.