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  • 2019 Formula 1® Rolex British Grand Prix at Silverstone – 15% off Voucher

    What’s Included?

    • Two general admission tickets to practice day of the 2019 Formula 1® Rolex British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Friday 12 July 2019
    • Access to any of the open grandstands on a first come, first served basis
    • Car parking pass
    • Cancellation indemnity
  • 2019 GoPro British Grand Prix MotoGP for two – 15% off Voucher

    • General admission tickets for two to the race day of the 2019 GoPro British Grand Prix MotoGP™ at Silverstone on Sunday 25 August 2019
    • Car parking pass
  • 2019 GoPro British Grand Prix MotoGP™- Practice Day – 15% off Voucher

    • General admission tickets for two to the practice day of the 2019 GoPro British Grand Prix MotoGP™ at Silverstone on Friday 23 August 2019
    • Car parking pass included
  • 2019 GoPro British Grand Prix MotoGP™- Three Day Tickets – 15% off Voucher

    What’s Included?

    • General admission tickets for two to all three days of the GoPro British Grand Prix MotoGP™ at Silverstone on Friday 23, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 August 2019
    • Access to any of the open grandstands subject to availability on Friday and Saturday
    • Car parking pass included
  • AGV Helmets – 10% Discount Voucher

    AGV Racing helmets are the product of choice for MotoGP riders and are exceptionally lightweight, yet extremely stable even at top speeds and made using high tech materials that are the fruit of years of research and development. Get 10% off with a valid Gold SMIDSY Card Membership.

  • Austin Racing Exhaust – 10% Discount Voucher

    Exhaust systems designed & manufactured 100% inhouse here in the UK using the very latest formula1 materials and technology. “Innovation by design”.

    Exhausts are made from Inconel, which is superior to Titanium and Stainless for exhaust manufacturing.  Unlike Titanium it will not burn through, it can be as thin as 0.37mm wall due to its unrivaled strength. It disperses hot gasses far quicker as it retains heat 6 times more efficiently than Titanium, this helps get rid of the gasses quickly, (you often see Ti & stainless systems with wraps around them, this is to keep them as hot as possible so they get rid of the gasses quickly). By holding high temperatures this keeps the ambient temperature low, it also cools down very quickly. In a like for like full system test of the Evo Titanium full Akrapovic against our full Inconel system on the same bike on the same dyno with pcV our system gave 5BHP more power.

    Austin Racing also use a 0.5mm wall thickness for even further weight reduction. Austin Racing are the 1st company worldwide to offer F1 technology Inconel exhaust systems to bike race teams and retail customers. Their exhausts are hand built using the latest materials and technology. They do not mass produce”

  • Bike Trac – Hard Security Kit – £20 off Discount Voucher

    The all-new chain and disc lock is the industry’s first 10mm Thatcham Category 3 approved offering.

    Designed to be fully portable – and coming complete with its own carrying bag – the new 10mm reinforced chain is available in two lengths: 1.2m and 1.4m. The chain combined with the included disc lock offers the ability to secure to an immovable object while immobilising the machine too.

    Save £20 if you’re a GOLD SMIDSY Card Member.

  • Drop your gear – Professional Cleaning – £10 off Discount Voucher

    Drop Your Gear is a specialist cleaning, valeting and restoring business for all of your motorcycle clothing. Get £10 off with every valid SMIDSY Gold Membership.

    Contact them today to obtain your quote.

  • Family Visit to The Silverstone Experience – 15% off Voucher

    Take an inspiring journey through past, present and future with this Family Visit to The Silverstone Experience – An Immersive History of British Motor Racing. Featuring interactive displays using state-of-the-art technology, this brand new family-friendly visitor attraction offers fascinating stories of human endeavour, notorious sporting rivalries, and engineering innovation at Silverstone.

    You’ll see some of Silverstone’s most iconic cars on display, before experiencing big thrills in an immersive show, where you’ll take a lap around Silverstone alongside iconic cars, bikes and your motor racing heroes. This brand-new attraction is a must for any petrol-heads, and a fabulous family day out.

  • Full Day Off Road Motorcycle Experience – 15% off Voucher

    What’s Included?

    • Hot drinks on arrival and during the day
    • Sign on and kit allocation
    • Safety briefing
    • Introduction to your off-road bike
    • Evaluation run with instruction
    • Lead out onto the beautiful picturesque mountains where you will learn skills and techniques along the way
    • Tuition from professional off-road instructors throughout the day
    • Return to base and debrief
    • Experience gift pack including personalised voucher and message card
    • Cancellation indemnity
  • GhostBikes – 10% Discount Voucher

    Get 10% off Ghost Bikes with our Annual SMIDSY Gold Membership.

  • Harley Davidson Pillion Ride Tour – 15% off Voucher

    What’s Included?

    • ROSPA advanced trained & qualified rider
    • 40 minutes riding and 20 minutes photo/leg-stretch stop
    • Gloves, helmet & intercom, leathers/textile jacket
    • Experience gift pack including personalised voucher and message card
    • Cancellation indemnity
  • HEL Performance – 10% Discount Voucher

    HEL Performance specialises in the manufacture of all stainless steel automotive brake hoses and motorcycle brake lines in over 71 countries around the world. Designed and manufactured in the UK – All HEL Performance mainline stainless steel brake components are made in-house. Upgrade your brakes today.

  • Helite Turtle Airbag Vests -10% Discount Voucher

    It has been five years since Helite has launched the Turtle airbag model. Easy to use and with optimal airbag protection, Helite have decided to improve the design to meet motorcyclists’ needs and expectations better. In March 2019, the new version of Helite’s airbag vest will be available. The vest is suitable for men and women; it should be worn above any motorcycle jacket. The protective gear is available in 7 sizes ( from XS to XL-L). It exists in black, yellow-hi vis and even in colours (on order only). The new version retains the mechanical system but integrates several improvements for more aesthetics, comfort, convenience and safety.

  • Honda Pilot and Quad Bike Experience – 15% off Voucher

    What’s Included?

    • Welcome, introduction and briefing
    • Drive a Honda Pilot and a quad bike
    • Group sizes vary
    • Experience gift pack including personalised voucher and message card
    • Cancellation indemnity
  • Inch Perfect Trials – 10% Discount Voucher

    Get 10% off Perfect Inch Trials Experience days with a Valid SMIDSY Gold Membership

  • Infinity Motorcycles – 10% off Voucher

    Infinity Motorcycles was established in 1999 by Rob Puttick and Dave Holloway, both veterans of the UK motorcycle trade. From humble beginnings in a former bank on the North Circular in London, Infinity Motorcycles now has 14 branches, from Glasgow to Southampton, and an online department, employing a total of around 150 people.

    Everyone likes a bargain, but we try and make sure we offer a bit more too. Our staff turnover is low and we invest more in staff training than anyone else we know of in the bike trade – we don’t think these two facts are mutually exclusive! Infinity Motorcycles takes Customer Service seriously. So Dave and Rob still want to hear from you about your experience of shopping with us, good or bad.

  • Innovv K2 Dual Lens Motorcycle Camera – £10 Discount Voucher

    INNOVV Cameras. The Latest Generation of fitted Dash cameras Designed for the Motorcyclist. Stylish and Effective. Designed to be discreet. Light-Weight and Compact but Packs a Powerful Punch. Solid Performance & Built to Last!!

    In the heat of the moment, even when you think you had a full view of the road, there are still times when we miss what really happened in an accident. Innovv Motorcycle dashcam could be the answer in settling insurance disputes and claims.

  • Junction-33 Dyno Remap – 10% off Voucher

    Junction-33 has built its reputation as one of the best Dyno Services in Europe with customers across the world shipping in their ECU units. The company offers a fast, reliable first class service.  Whether you want your machine’s ECU simple serviced, or you desire a high-performance re-mapping, Junction-33 is the place to go. With year’s of experience and passion, no other dyno company can compete.

    Don’t want to take your motorcycle to the shop? No issue! Just ship your ECU Unit directly to Junction-33. For more information on making a booking, contact Junction-33 here.

  • Knox – 10% off Discount Voucher

    Get 10% off selected Knox products with your annual SMIDSY Gold membership. Click here to buy a gold membership now.

  • Morgan Motor Company Factory Tour – 15% off Voucher

    What’s Included?

    • Guided Tour of the Morgan Motor Company Factory
    • Visit the Morgan Museum
    • Experience gift pack including personalised voucher and message card
    • Cancellation indemnity
  • National Motorcycle Museum – 50% off entry Voucher

    Present your GOLD SMIDSY card to during your visit to The National Motorcycle Museum to receive 50% off entry. The National Motorcycle Museum is recognised as the finest and largest British motorcycle museum in the world and originally opened its doors in October 1984 with a collection of 350 motorcycles on display. The Museum owes …

  • RaceLeathers – 10% off Voucher

    Get 10% off RaceLeathers with our SMIDSY Gold card

  • Racetorx – 10% Discount Voucher

    Get 10% off Racetorx with a valid Gold SMIDSY Membership

  • Schuberth Helmets – 10% Discount Voucher

    Schuberth motorcycle helmets are, and always have been, developed and manufactured using a quality oriented approach. Get 10% off with a valid SMIDSY Gold membership

  • Scottoiler – 10% Discount Voucher

    Scottoiler is the multi-award winning manufacturer of motorbike chain lube systems. Learn more about how you can improve your motorcycle chain maintenance regime and browse our products for an overview of how we can help you save time, money and hassle.

  • Shoei Helmets – 10% off Voucher

    Get 10% off a variety of different styles, including full-face, open-face, flip-up and adventure helmets with a valid SMIDSY Gold Membership.

  • Silverstone Thrill Choice – 15% off Voucher

    What’s Included?

    • Full safety briefing and instruction
    • A session driving a Ferrari F430, Aston Martin V8 Vantage or a Formula Silverstone Single Seater on Silverstone’s historic National or International Circuit, consisting of 3 laps or equivalent
    • See through the eyes of your racing heroes as you practise and perfect every racing line
    • Debrief and driver assessment at the end of the day
    • Experience gift pack including personalised voucher and message card
    • Cancellation indemnity
  • Silverstone Tour – 15% off Voucher

    What’s Included?

    • Welcome reception and introduction to Silverstone
    • Drive Workshop tour
    • A visit to Race Control
    • Winner’s podium photo opportunity
    • Guided tour of Grand Prix circuit
    • Experience gift pack including personalised voucher and message card
    • Cancellation indemnity
  • Sport and Customs Motorcycle Garage -10% Discount Voucher

    Sport and Customs Motorcycle Garage, located in South Manchester, is an independent motorcycle garage. They offer repairs & Servicing on all makes of motorcycles. In addition to this, they also supply and fit motorcycle alarms, MOT prep and failure work.

    Thy pride themselves on their old school values and old school prices.



  • Trail Riding UK – 10% Discount Voucher

    Trail Riding UK specialises in introducing experienced road riders to off-road riding.


    What’s Included?
    Free accommodation with breakfast
    • A full day of guided riding on one of our KTM Enduro Bikes
    • All the equipment, petrol & insurance
    • Expert advice
    • Tailored trails to suit you – generally 80 to 100 miles per day

    Trail Riding UK has six Enduro Bikes to hire. As we use legal roads and byways – you must have a full motorbike licence to hire a Trail Riding UK dirt bike.

    For more information on booking, click here.

  • Ultimate Addons – 10% DISCOUNT VOUCHER

    Ultimate Addons brings inspiration and innovative products to riders around the world. Whether you ride a bike or a motorcycle, we are committed to bringing you the best quality products to help you on your journey. Visit our website to find the ultimate set up for your smartphone mounted to your motorcycle, connecting you with your ride.

  • Ultimate Hearing Protection Systems -10% Discount Voucher

    Ultimate is a UK manufacturer of custom made ear plugs for hearing protection, established in 2001. We cater to individuals and organisations exposed to all types of harmful noise. To browse our hearing protection choose the category above that best represents your area of interest.

  • Unlimited Passion Motorcycle Cleaning – 20% Discount Voucher

    UNlimited passion or “UNpass” as they are known in Europe, is a brand of the SABE Industry Group, which for over 40 years has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of technical products for upkeep, cleaning, maintenance, disinfection and hygiene.

    Our goals are to continually improve our products to ensure you get the best results. Unlimited Passion listen to what you, our customers, tell us and work to provide you with the answers to your needs.

    Unlimited Passion has their our own R&D Laboratory which allows us to design, formulate and manufacture the products we know you want and need. We are the manufacturer and the supplier. We are chemists and experts in what we do. But, we are also enthusiasts, just like you.

    Unlimited Passion knows the products Unlimited Passion sell to you, because, people LIKE US helped to make them. Unlimited Passion has designed them with people like you, for you.

    To order your products visit, Unlimited Passion.

  • Viking Motorcycle Bags – 17% Discount Voucher

    Viking Bags was conceived the same way almost every great idea is conceived; out of frustration with the current state of things & out of a desire to change things for the better. In our case, the frustration was with the sub-par motorcycle luggage in the market at that time.

    We desired to create something that was just as beautiful as it was useful. Thus began the journey of a thousand miles. One pile of carefully chosen leather and one extensively thought-out saddlebag design at a time. Ever since then, we have not looked back. To this day, we only look back only to gain inspiration from our original spark.

    We source the highest quality weather resistant leather from around the world. We employ the most skilled fibre-glass and leather artisans to manufacture the best saddlebags you can find. We operate out of two highly efficient warehouses, one in Los Angeles and one in Chicago, to ensure that the majority of our customers get their products delivered within two business days. As the company has grown, so has our staff. We take care of our customers with some of the most hardworking and caring customer service members in the industry.

  • WD40 – 10% Discount Voucher

    WD-40® Multi-Use Product protects your bike’s metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything. It even removes grease, grime and more from most surfaces. Get 10% with a valid SMIDSY Gold Card with selected retailers.

    For more information, click here

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