Trips, Slips and falls in a public place

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Slips, trips and falls in public places are common

Whether in your local supermarket, GP surgery, school, car park or any other place open to use by the public, the owner of that place has a duty to keep you safe. This means keeping the area free from hazards such as uneven ground, spillages, loose paving and any other defects that could cause you to suffer injury.

If you suffer an injury in a public place, you should report the accident to the owner of the premises as soon as possible and ask them to make a written record of what happened. Ask for a copy or take a photograph of the record and ask them to retain any CCTV footage. If possible, you should take photographs of what caused your accident.

You should also call Sorrymate. We have years of experience obtaining damages for blameless members of the public injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.

We will work hard to get you damages for your injuries and recover any other losses suffered as a result of the accident such as loss of earnings, travel expenses and medical expenses.


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