Police urged bikers not to put safety at risk

Motorbike riders are being urged to make sure they’re not putting their own safety, and the safety of other road users, at risk.

This week, West Mercia Police have issued a public reminder to all bikers to remain safe on the road. This announcement follows the launch of their Think Bike campaign last month.

As the weather picks up it’s easy to get carried away on the dry roads. However it’s important to remember that one of the leading causes of motorcycle crashes is the failure to navigate around bends. This alone causes over 22% of accidents.

In addition to this, motorcyclists losing control on their bike and hitting a stationary object such as a tree accounts for over 9% of bike accidents.

Local Policing Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans said: “We know there are some great routes for motorbike riders through our counties and that during the warmer months riders want to make the most of these.

“We have seen cases where the driving behaviour of bikers has caused concern, and the rider has unnecessarily put themselves and other road users at risk.

“Bikers can often be at higher risk of being involved in a collision and we want to make sure everything is being done to reduce this.

“All road users have a responsibility in making our roads safer. We know motorbike riders are more vulnerable and would ask that riders make sure they do their bit by not taking unnecessary risks.”

As a result of the increase in motorcycle traffic, Police will be carrying out proactive operations on key routes utilising several different tactics throughout the summer months. The underlying intent is to target irresponsible and reckless road users.

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New EU ISA vehicle regulations on DON’T apply to motorbikes

Speeding causes up to 30% of fatalities during road traffic accidents. As a result, the latest proposed changes to EU vehicle law will see ‘intelligent speed assistance’, also known as ISA, devices fitted to all new vehicles.

What is intelligent speed assistance?

ISA is a system which uses built-in road-sign recognition cameras and a GPS-linked speed limit database to alert drivers of their speed. The idea behind the system is to prevent drivers from exceeding the current speed system actively.  The technology looks extremely promising in terms of reducing speeding related-deaths. The vast majority of regulations of this nature aim to protect ‘vulnerable‘ road users, such as cyclists and bikers.

When will ISA be implemented?

Due to poor infrastructure, the new scheme will not be implemented any time soon. Currently, road-sign recognition cameras are not reliable. They often give incorrect readings. In addition to this, GPS speed databases are outdated. They are in dire need of reform. As a result, it isn’t likely that we will see any widespread application anytime soon.

Will the new regulations apply to motorcycles?

The short answer: No. Luckily, I if and when the new regulations come into force, they will only apply to vehicles of categories M, N and O. Motorbikes are category L.

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Cartagena track day goes wrong for Fergus Dalgarno


Their best thing about SorryMate is that every employee is a biker.

Well, there is, of course, one exception. Fergus Dalgarno will temporarily be taking a break from his motorcycle. This follows a disagreement with his bike on track at Cartagena.

Fergus’s managed to lock the car keys inside the hire car

The tale begins on Wednesday evening at 4.30 pm. Fergus arrived in Spain at Alicante. Arriving at the airport, Fergus picked up his bags and headed towards his hire car.

Fergus carefully placed his bags in the boot. Only after closing the boot did he realise that he had locked the keys inside. After returning to the hire company, who probably had a great laugh, he discovered that the spare keys are kept in Valencia. Fortunately, the hire company has ‘assistance’ available to come and help. The so-called assistance took over three hours later. When it did eventually arrive, after looking at the car and checking the door handles, they decided that there was nothing else which could be done. Fergus was still unable to get his belongings from the boot of the car and decided to head over to the hotel.

After hitting another vehicle, they headed to the hospital

Fergus was defeated, temporarily. However, that wasn’t going to stop him from getting on the track. So he devised a cunning plan. He decided to hire a second car out to make it to the track. After which he would drive up to Valencia to collect the keys for the first hire car.

He arrived at the hotel at 1 pm. After grabbing a good night’s sleep, he was up and ready at 6 am to hit the circuit. All fueled up with food, they jumped in the car and headed towards the track.

Just as they were heading around the corner, they hit a local driver. Long story short, two smashed up cars later, Fergus was on his way to the hospital.

After leaving the hospital, they drove around trying to find a new vehicle

Fergus left the hospital at 11 am. Luckily the hire company sent a taxi over to bring them back into Cartagena. The idea was that they would collect another new hire vehicle. However, after arriving, the company then decided it was best to obtain a different car in Murcia.

So the pair headed off down to Murcia. Fergus ended up making the 7-hour drive from Cartagena to Valencia, then to Alicante and back to Cartagena. He didn’t make it back to the hotel until 7 pm that evening.

He may have been down, but he wasn’t defeated

Finally, after a whirlwind of stress, Fergus managed to get himself booked in for the track day in the morning. The sun was shining, he was excited, and his bike was ready to go. Hitting the track with his instructor, he first did his sighting laps.

One lap down, Fergus was feeling great. That was of course until he dropped a gear too many. This caused the bike to lock up and throw Fergus off.

Fergus was recovered by ambulance

Fergus was recovered off the circuit by ambulance. He was taken straight to the medical centre. After demanding his leathers come off in one piece (ouch!), his ankle was put into a support wrapping. He was then promptly shipped off to the local hospital. After arriving at the hospital, the orthopaedic doctor grabbed his leg, crunching it back into place by leaning his body-weight against it.

Fergus took an early flight home. However, this was not before requiring blood thinners so that he could fly. He is now finally home and will be resting for the next six weeks. As a result, he will now be working from home in the meantime.

Here at SorryMate, we know more than any other solicitors that motorbike Crashes and accidents can happen. It’s even happened to our Fergus. If you’re involved in a crash on the road, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Legal Questions

Legal questions bikers ask

Do I have to use the solicitor chosen for me by my insurers? This is a question which crops time and time up again when we visit motorcycle shows.

The one-word answer is no. It is your basic right to choose who represents you. After a motorcycle crash, people are usually given a solicitor by their insurance company or by a legal expenses company (legal expenses is the extra £10 on your policy). Your insurers will have a panel of firms who they use. These firms generally pay a lot of money for the work and have conditions attached regarding how files are run and who they report to.

What if I don’t like the solicitor my insurance has selected?

All solicitors are bound by a lot of Laws and Regulations which exist to protect clients. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the style of service you desire is provided by them. If that is the case, then you can simply pick your own solicitor. It is literally that simple. SorryMate deals with both new cases and transfers. Even if your solicitor has started on your cases, it’s still possible for you to switch to us.

How do I know if my solicitor is biker friendly

Not all solicitors understand what it means to be a biker. However, SorryMate is linked with solicitors across the country who are into bikes. We know all about the issues that are specific to bike claims because we are bikers. If you want to find a biker friendly solicitor, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

My insurance has threatened to not cover my legal costs

Your insurers or legal expenses insurers may threaten not to cover legal costs if you do not use their lawyers. This is not a problem and any competent solicitor can sort insurance out for you. Your basic right is not limited in any way. Just because you have had a motorcycle crash, does not mean your solicitor can decide who represents you.

If you have any other questions in relation to your Bike accident and you want free legal advice, don’t hesitate to contact SorryMate.