Just wanted to drop you a few lines to say thank you Kyle for all your help and support during the time of my claim. It hasn’t felt pressured and I haven’t felt like I’ve had to do anything to be honest. Not like the stories you hear in the news about other companies pushing their clients about and charging them an absolute fortune for their services. What amazes me is that you guys do everything without charging a fee you truly are there for the “Little people” and I personally think that is great.

Jon's Case

Sorrymate.com were recommended to me after I had an accident & the service was brilliant. Kyle who I dealt with was very clear with all the information and was easy to get hold of if I had any questions or queries, I would have no problem recommending them.

Chris's Case

After my motorbike accident l got in touch with Sorrymate and Kyle has dealt with everything and has done an excellent job. l would highly recommend them so don’t forget when you come off your bike give Sorrymate a call.

Kenneth's Case

I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for all your effort. As soon as this case hit your desk I’ve seen nothing but progress and fantastic service. You’ve been a pleasure to deal with and have a great way of explaining things to somebody who has never dealt with litigation proceedings.

Mr C's Case

After my own insurers said I had no case, Sorrymate stepped in, they understand bikers and the unique challenges we face from idiots in cars who don’t look before pulling out. Stephanie Phillips saw me as a person and prioritised making sure I received the therapy I needed to get me back on my bike. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Many thanks Sorrymate.com.

Fiona's Case

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Kyle Booth at Sorry Mate, who I have spoken to yesterday and today. It’s been like a breath of fresh air compared to the broker and underwriter I’ve dealt with until now. Without going into details, Kyle went above and beyond what could have been expected, and he’ll never really know just what a HUGE difference that has made to my stress levels. Thank you!

Chris's Case

I had my accident on April 2015, I got knocked off my motorbike on a roundabout by a driver not checking his blind spot, while changing lanes.” The driver was very apologetic on the day and even said the phrase ‘Sorry mate I didn’t see you’ but the day after he blamed me and said it was my fault that I came off. I heard really good things about Sorrymate from a family member and quickly moved from my insurer‘s solicitors to Sorrymate. Who from day one filled me in on all the different angles I can take my claim, and kept me calm while the driver’s insurers worked out who was to blame. After the third parties insurers finally admitted defeat, Kyle and Fergus quickly got all the info they needed to get the ball rolling and from that day kept me informed and up to date with how my claim was doing and the best way to tackle all the aspects of my accident e.g. Motorbike repairs, Motorbike gear, injuries, medication, miles etc.. I want to say a big Thanks to Kyle, Fergus and the team, Thank you.

Christopher's Case

My solicitor at sorrymate.com has been absolutely outstanding. Although my case took just over 2 years to come to a positive conclusion, she kept at it and helped me resolve the case to complete satisfaction. Thank you for an excellent service!

Bersi's Case

A car pulled out from a side road on me, causing me and the bike to take a slide down the road. I informed my insurance and they put me in touch with a firm of solicitors, but after researching them online, I decided instead to phone the number on the Sorrymate SMIDSY card I have carried round for several years. Sorrymate provided comprehensive advice on how to get the costs detailed, and once I had provided all the details, they set about claiming from the third party insurer. The third party insurer, dragged their feet, didn’t answer calls and generally procrastinated, but through Stephanie and Kyle’s persistence and determination, the claim was paid in full.

Martin's Case

I was knocked off my pushbike by an Idiot driver, who decided to turn in on me without looking or signalling!, I broke my wrist and bike, and had several bruises, I had more than 2 months off work, he stopped to claim he hadn’t done it, but then drove off without giving details despite that I was on the phone to the Police, despite this the Police did nothing, just because the driver claimed he had not hit me. So I contacted Sorry Mate who took me on, Stephanie Phillips took on my case and reassured me from the start that just because the Police were ineffectual did not mean I did not have a claim, it took a while, mostly because of the Idiot Driver’s denials and his Insurance company playing slow, but eventually my claim came through due to Sorry Mate’s doggedness, I got nearly £4000, the money was nice, it compensated for what I had lost in earnings, but the thought that it had cost the Driver for his reckless driving was the best thing for me


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