Pothole Claim Steps

What to do if you hit a pothole

  1. Take pictures of the scene and any damage to your bike or kit or any injuries. It is important with pothole claims to take a few pictures of the pothole itself from a distance so you can see it’s position in the road and from different angles to give a better perspective view.
  2. Take measurements of the pothole i.e. diameter, depth etc. If you don’t have a ruler then take an approximate measurement according to the length of your phone or hand.
  3. Speak to witnesses and get them to verify pictures and measurements. It is important that others can validate your claims.
  4. Collaborate information gathered with police. At the scene, they should take measurements of the pothole. Ensure they do, with accurate methods and ensure you agree with them at the time.
  5. Call SorryMate with all the details and we can start investigating your claim. By taking down this information you can speed up your claim, but don’t worry if you were not able to gather the information, because we can do that too.