The dangers on the road

Motorcycle Accidents on the Road

When buying a motorbike, you are in no doubt about the dangers of the road. Bikers are told daily about the many risks they face on the road. Although you may be the most careful rider in the world, it still seems like everything on the road is out to get you. This is why bike accident claims are some of the most frequent claims made in the UK.

The truth is that Motorcycle accidents can cause severe and debilitating injuries. Many bikers suffer from a variety of issues, both physical and emotional, after a severe crash.


How do Motorcycle accidents happen?

We all know about the butterflies you get when you think a driver is about to pull out from a junction, or when they change lanes without looking. Motorcycle accidents happen for a whole variety of reasons. However, the most common cause of motorcycle accidents is that drivers fail to look or look and simply do not see you. This alone is the cause of a whopping 24% of claims. These are often accidents which could have been avoided the most. Whether you are thinking of your safety or your bikes, you should feel safe in the knowledge that you’re going to get paid for their mistakes.


Who are SorryMate?

SorryMate knows about motorbikes. We are born bikers and trained to be lawyers. As bikers ourselves, we understand that even the safest riders can crash.

We believe that to truly understand the needs of bikers we firstly need to be bikers ourselves and have a vast experience in all types of motorcycle accident compensation claims. Our experts will strive to do their best to get you the full amount of compensation you deserve.


How can SorryMate help me after a crash?

Once Sorrymate has taken on your claim our priority is to assess whether you need immediate help. This varies from biker to biker. For example, for many, their bike was their sole form of transport for work and will require an immediate replacement. Other bikers may find themselves in a position where they're left with medical costs or have lost some of their income. We aim to support all our clients as much as possible regardless of the size of their crash.

Experienced biker lawyers will handle your claim. As bikers ourselves, we have your best interests at heart.


Does SorryMate offer free legal advice?

SorryMate always offers free legal advice. All you need to do is phone up our expert legal team or pop into our office. From here, we will gather all the information about your accident. This includes information in regards to any injuries you've suffered, damage to your motorcycle and so forth. From here we will recommend the best way for you to proceed with your claim.


How much will making a motorcycle accident claim cost me?

SorryMate offer a No Win No Fee service to give you full piece of mind.


My insurance company has selected another solicitor for me. Do I have to use them?

Not many bikers know this, but you have a right to select who represents you. SorryMate can represent you EVEN when your insurance has selected another firm. This will not affect your rights to make a compensation claim.

If you require any legal advice, you can simply fill in the form below or give us a call on our Freephone number 0800 6 300 301. Alternatively, you can check out our <#LINK motorcycle crash guide> for more information.

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